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Birthdate:Sep 6
Location:North Carolina, United States of America

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abramelin, ancient religion, anti-consumerism, apophatic mysticism, being alone, bookstores, caffeine, cats, ceremonial magic, ceremonial magick, civil liberties, cloud of unknowing, coffee, coffeehouses, comparative mythology, comparative religion, corpus hermeticum, depression, digital photography, esoterica, esotericism, evolution, free speech, freedom, gardening, gardens, gnosis, gnosticism, grimoires, heinrich cornelius agrippa, henry cornelius agrippa, hermes trismegistus, hermetic, hermetic philosophy, hermeticism, hermetism, hga, historical fiction, history of the occult, holy guardian angel, human rights, independent bookstores, intellectual freedom, introspection, introversion, introvert, israel regardie, kabbalah, librarian, librarians, librarianship, libraries, library, library science, magick, meditation, monasticism, monks, mysticism, myth, mythology, neoplatonism, neurotheology, occult, occult philosophy, occultism, open-mindedness, organic gardening, pagan, paganism, perennial philosophy, photography, photoshop, psalms, qabbalah, quiet, regardie, religion, religious history, religious pluralism, religious studies, religious tolerance, ritual magic, ritual magick, silence, simplicity, slack, solomonic magic, solomonic magick, spiritual practices, spirituality, stereophotography, storyreading, syncretism, tea, the great work, the psalter, theurgy, tolerance, transcendence, tree of life, true will, used book stores, used bookstores, via negativa, visualization, voluntary simplicity, western esoteric philosophy, western esoteric tradition, western esotericism
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